Facelift Guide to Combat Ageing and Wrinkles in Men and Women

Women are usually very cautious about how they look, especially if they have developed wrinkles and fine lines. However, today due to miracle of medical science, you can keep your youthfulness intact. All you have to do is visit a skilled, certified cosmetic surgeon, who can restore the naturally vibrant appearance of yours.

A surgeon will recommend you a facelift. A facelift in simple terms is a facial skin tightening process to remove wrinkles and give you a younger look. Your face is first screened to see if there are layers of fat. Based on the observation, the medical procedure and the corresponding cost is revealed.


The Process of facelift starts with an incision made under as well as behind the ear lobes, and extends till hairline. Followed by lifting the loosened skin separating it from the underlying tissues. After that these tissues are stiffened with sutures and the skin is re-draped, by removing excess skin.

Why Facelift?

As you grow old, you skin tends to lose elasticity which eventually, leads to “jowls” on the lower face, deep wrinkles, and loose skin around the neckline. Facelift in an effective solution for all those, who want to keep a check on their youthfulness, if you are one of them, then facelift, is an option to consider:

  • You feel self-conscious due to skin sagging around your face and neck.
  • You have to cover your aging neck with turtlenecks and scarves when you go out.
  • Your aging and appearance is negatively affecting your career relationships.

Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

Facelift surgery demands extensive knowledge in facial anatomy, highly skilled surgical techniques, and eye for aesthetic detail. So, before choosing a facelift surgeon, it’s important to do your share of homework.

Before narrowing down a surgeon, verify his/her experience in facial cosmetic surgery, look for client reviews, the cost involved. If you reside near Sherbrook, I suggest you visit Surgeon, Elise Bernier She owns a cosmetic surgical clinic in Sherbrook. She has nearly 30 years of experience in this field.

Being in this field for years, she has numerous awards and recognition in her kitty. She is a renowned face in Canada when it comes to Cosmetic Surgery. You can go through Client reviews on her before you book an appointment.

Once you have a few sessions with her, you will surely know the difference. The way your case will be handled will surely make a big difference.

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